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The History

 Porthleven Town Band

Porthleven Town Band traces its history back to 1867 when a
fife and drum band was in existence in the town. Later, in 1875,
it became a brass band and was admired in its yellow braided
tunics and caps, and red striped trousers! During that period
the band attended many brass contests and its favourite
performance arena at the turn of the 20th century was on the
pier at Porthleven.

Since then, the band has ditched the strip uniform and, these
days, prefers to be known for its quality of sound and music.
Since the appointment of Francis Evans as Musical Director
in late 2000 the band has gone from strength to strength. The
Senior Band has an almost full membership of twenty seven
players and with the conception of the Training Band in
September 2001, the training ground for more Senior players
is set. The band operates a teaching programme, which
includes music and theory tuition for absolute beginners,
intermediate group and a band rehearsal. The Training Band
recently won the Young Band Class in their first contest outing
at the Cornwall County Music Festival.
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